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Elron Rules

on Thu Mar 08, 2018 10:11 pm
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We will NOT allow you to ruin other players gaming experience.
If you are punished, it is under the assumption you have read and agreed to these rules.
Just because something is not listed in the rules, does not mean you cannot be punished for it.
These rules are subject to change without notice.
Any arguing, flaming or disrespect towards the staff handing the issue will increase the length of the punishment you may receive, whilst being courteous and helpful in some cases may reduce the length.

1. Flaming and Disrespect

Throughout the Elron community we have various amounts of religious & cultural backgrounds, everyone is entitled to the respect of all members of the community. Please remember that members have different types of emotions and may take things differently than what another person may take as a joke. It's your responsibility to watch what you're saying to others, and it's our responsibility to make sure that all members are happy and experiencing an unhindered and fun game play experience. With this in mind, we have strict rules against such acts of flaming and disrespect towards community members and we will not tolerate it.​

a. Using offensive language such as vulgar language towards a player
b. Racial language or any racial related slang
c. Insulting comments relating to illnesses or disabilities
d. Sexual preferences

2. Racism and Religious Intolerance

Racism and Religious Intolerance found on Elron will not be tolerated. If you are found being blatantly Racist or religiously intolerant you will be muted. If you continue being racist or religiously intolerant towards others after being unmuted you will be IP-Muted. This is both illegal in the real world AND on the Ion network. Racism and Religious Intolerance will not be tolerated and will be dealt with accordingly. The Severity of the mute will be determined by our in-game support staff. Appeals to such decisions can be directed to an upper staff member

a. This could be anything that may pose an insult to someone based on their religious beliefs, culture or race.​

4. Spamming

Spamming can be from text (Yell Chat - Public Chat - Private Message), trading, casting spells or anything else flooding the chat up.

a. Auto-Typers: If you are using an autotyper, please keep it above 10 seconds per message.
b. Trolling, Flame-baiting, or Flaming
c. Any kind of spamming on yells is not allowed, they are there for small amounts of advertisement ONLY, trolling, pk banter, and drama are not tolerated and will be dealt with swiftly - we want everyone to enjoy their experience.​

5. Misleading Links, Hacking, and Threatening

a. Misleading links are not permitted. Links to illegal 3rd party software or "hacking" websites are NOT permitted.
b. Hacking will never be tolerated, you will be instantly banned.
c. Threatening other members with illegal acts of hacking, DDOS or privacy invasion will result in a permanent and immediate BAN without warning and without chance of appeal.
d. DDoSing/DoSing is not allowed and is a federal offence in MANY countries. It WILL be reported if we see it. We will do our best to contact the Internet Service Provider (ISP) of those involved with recorded attacks.​

6. Punishment Evasion

Those who evade their mutes, bans, IP bans to cause more problems after being punished will be dealt with harsher treatment. (Punishment evasion is not serving the punishment you were given on an account, such as being muted on your main and using an alternate account to talk/continue the same issue). However, if your using an alternate account to communicate in a calm and respectful manner with staff, we will allow this for the only purpose of asking why, duration of punishment, and where to appeal it.​

7. 3rd Party Software(Botting\Macroing)

Items/Skills that are obtained using these means will likely be deleted and removed from the Elron economy.

a. If you're at your computer autoclicking that is allowed, but if you are NOT watching it's a jailable offense. Rather you went to make dinner, or any other reason, you will be treated as a botter.
b. Gaining any form of xp or items while afk is NOT permitted. Please be aware that we will assume your are botting/autoclicking.​​

8. Bug/Glitch Abuse

If you find a bug or glitch that could result in a player receiving an unfair advantage (extra resources, faster EXP or item drops, Etc) please report it immediately to our higher level staff, DO NOT report these types of bugs openly as other players may have an opportunity to learn of the glitch/bug and utilize it further.

a. If you find a bug and do not report it to us, and then you are found using it or a report is made regarding you bug abusing your account will be subject to being infracted.​​​

9. Player Vs. Player (PvP)

Enter the wilderness entirely at your own risk.

a. PVP-Farming will be a permanent ban. (This refers to creating players for kills, paying for kills, or paying for kill related achievements.)
b. Requesting a staff member's aid while in the wild is against the rules. Baiting of any kind to a staff member is not tolerated and will result in the immediate ban. Please respect our staff and allow them to do their jobs without being impeded.
e. Multi-logging in the wilderness is strictly prohibited. If caught, all accounts logged in from your ip will be jailed. Second offence will lead to a ban of all accounts logged in from that ip. Logging in max two accounts over level 20 wilderness is legal.
f. DDing (death dotting) on players fights, or moving over them constantly isn't permitted in the wilderness, please allow players to fight unimpeded by piles of players. using alternate accounts, and/or summoning monsters or pets is not allowed either as it causes missclicks and ruins the players experience.
g. Luring is not allowed, failure to follow this rule will result in an immediate jail, followed by a punishment decision.(This is entirely at the staff-members discretion)​​​​[/color]

10. Requesting from Staff

Giving players an unfair advantage over others is not acceptable on the Soulplay game network as we strive to provide an equal and fair gaming experience to ALL users.

a. Requesting Items
b. Requesting a Staff Position
c. Spamming staff to buy an item, or give you free items is also not allowed as it takes their attention away from issues that may require their focus.​​​​​[/color]

11. Impersonation

Staff Impersonation of the staff team IS NOT permitted under any circumstances.

a. Player Impersonating other players to deface their reputation or gain some type of advantage in-game is NOT permitted. Please do not assume the identity of anyone other than your own character.
b. This includes leaking players alternate accounts. "Hey guys this is player x on his alt" Please allow people to play without being impeded.

12. Scamming

Any attempt to scam money or items will be dealt with seriously. Scamming is frowned upon by everybody. If you are caught scamming you will not be given a warning and your account will be banned, the time will depend on severity of the situation and the discretion of the staff who handles it.

a. Rule switching is not permitted during duels. Valid proof (prefer Video) is required of this scam in order to have the scammer punished.
b. Whilst at gambling, we have made it very clear that a middleman must be used. This would include any staff member or a trusted host. For any refunds to be considered or looked into, full video proof from start to finish must be provided.​

13. Refunds

While we will try our best to get your items back, if no middleman is used and you have not followed the guidelines and rules stated on our forums for in-game, it is completely at the staff's discretion who is handling the issue whether you will be refunded or not.

a. Disconnections will not be refunded, feel free to create a thread about it and stat the problem so the problem can be fixed.
a. 1. A disconnection due to being ddossed by a player may be refunded with video proof of the DC, items lost, packet display showing it was caused by an illegal act rather than a regular DC.
b. Account Sharing is not of our concern and is not against the rules, those who account share should realize that they are subjecting themselves to a greater risk of having the shared account stolen or traded. You have been warned and do so at your own risk and WILL NOT be reimbursed for any losses or damages that resulted from account sharing. (unless an official middleman is used, while having proof and agreement of the service or terms of use of the account.
c. If your account is hacked, we will try our best to return your items too you, however SoulPlay do not take any responsibility for the security of your own account, you yourself only have your password and bank pin so that responsibility is down to you and refunds will be looked at on a case for case basis.​

14. Safespotting

Safespotting IS allowed.

All we ask is that everybody acts human and does there best to play Elron the way it was meant to be played.​​

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