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Elron Donating Guide

on Fri Mar 09, 2018 2:44 am

First off I would like to state that we greatly appreciate your interest in donating to Elron.
We have tried our best in designing a donation system that would be fair to both player able to and unable to donate.
Whether it's helping pay for our dedicated server, or paying for advertising to get new players,
We as a community depended and appreciate your donations.


1. First off let's decide what we want to donate for HERE.
In this case we are going to be donating 25$ for 30 donation coins.

2. Now let's donate.
You can use the command ::donatenow, click HERE, or just simply head to the Paypal website.

3. After signing in select 'Send & Request'.

4. Then select 'Send money to friends & family internationally'.
This is to eliminate back charges. If you send donations any other way it will be refunded automatically.

5. Enter the Elron email.

6. Now click 'Next'. Enter the amount you wish to donate, What you would like to receive, as well as your username.
IMPORTANT: Make sure you send the donation in USD or again your donation will automatically be refunded.

7. Click continue and complete the Paypal security check.

8. Wait approx 5 - 10 minutes  and you should receive your donation item(s).
NOTE: You can also just message me right before or after you donate and I can confirm it right away.  Perfect

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