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Suggestions (Some Needed over Wanted)

on Wed Mar 21, 2018 3:52 am
Adding a correct Discord Link or show some activeness in the server itself.
(Meaning, there's only two players on the actual discord server and none are current staff, this doesn't show any kind of respect for the community).

Adding a correct Suggestions / Needs over Wants sections.
(This section that UAV and I are currently posting in, isn't the correct area, it's more for testing phases for updates).

Updating Celestial Dragon Drops / Getting rid of announcement.
(The Announcement in game saying "Celestial Dragons is a good way to make money for higher levels" is bogus. I've been camping for less rewards than 5 minutes of thieving).

Fixing prices in store.
(Some prices in the stores aren't correct or even remotely correct).[/b]

Adding Crystal Key Chest to Home
(I noticed after getting a key theres' no chest for the actual key)

Squeal of Fortune?
(It's more or less Wheel of Shit, no offence, it was a great add from jagex, but the "wins vs loses" is 1 to 100? Not only are the odds junk, but the prizes are worse).

(Possibly adding a contemporary website, you know the generic, over used, slightly annoying website would be a great add).

Realistic Donation Rewards / Donator Shop
(Adding actually a realistic reason to Donate [minus the 8$ mystery box? Joking right? Is it giving me a GOD Cape? Maybe a Perfect Ring?]).

Teleports need a re-vamp
(Empty spots instead of training zones? There's more than three types of dragons mate).

Fishing with Harpoon
(Since there's only one real spot to fish [guild], the lovely pop up of "You need 76 fishing" pops up after getting 75, meaning we are trying to catch sharks. Might want to redo fishing spots, and not have so many, since they don't move, just use one of each).

(Needs to be looked at, 10 Unicorn Pouches shouldn't be 210K [or was it 250K]... Compared to the Snake one that gives 420K?).

More Stores / Move Them Elsewhere
(Possibly moving all stores to a different location, would make the home area look cleaner? And also adding a Non-Combat Skill Store, that holds store items like crafting or seeds / farming. Maybe herblore supplies.)

I understand some of these are wants over needs, but, most people won't sit and suffer, even at super easy exp levels. Farming for the items itself is for ironmen, and not everyone enjoys that.

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