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Uav's Money Making guide (current best in game)

on Sun Mar 11, 2018 9:32 pm
1: When you first start Elron, you should start off and get 40 combat. When you're 40 combat teleport to Edgville and obtain a slayer task from Vanakka. Slayer isn't to good at first but can pay off by rewarding you with items you can keep/sell in game to other players once you get a higher slayer level.

2: Dragon bones: Dragon bones are pretty expensive right now due to the hastle it can be to kill them. You can sell them to other players for your own price or you can sell them to brother jared located at home.

Dragon bones: 80k
Frost dragon bones: 110k
This is the prices you can get for selling them to his shop. However when buying them, from his shop, you can buy Dragon bones for 1m ea and Frost bones for 3.75m ea. So if you chose to sell your bones to other players ingame, the pc for the economy would be : Dbones (1m-1.3m) and Fbones for (3.75m-4m) ea.

3: Thieving : Thieving is the best starter way to obtain cash. Infact one of the best ways period.

4: Crafting: You can buy crafting supplies from the smithing store at home. After cutting the gems just sell them back to the store

These are the best 4 ways to make $ in game as of now. The more I learn the more i will update!

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